Whether you travel by car or by foot, Enchantment in the Park is easy to find with these simple directions.

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Event map

Drive-Thru Entrances

Drive-thru visitors enter from Silverbrook Drive. From the north or south, approach West Bend, WI, on Highways 41, 45 or 43, whichever is most convenient, and exit on Hwy. 33, Washington Street (see map). From Hwy. 41 or 45, drive east on Hwy. 33. From Hwy. 43, drive west on Hwy. 33. After entering West Bend, signs will direct you to Silverbrook Drive. Turn north on Silverbrook to the drive-through entrance of Enchantment in the Park. Or, follow Hwy. 33 to Main Street, go north to Regner Park, turn west onto Silverbrook Drive to the drive-through entrance of Enchantment in the Park.

Walk-Thru Entrances

Walk-thru visitors enter from Main Street. From Hwy. 33, Washington Street, turn north onto Main Street. Continue north on Main Street to Regner Park, turn west into park entrance, park and walk over the bridge to the walk-through entrance of Enchantment in the Park (near the red food pantry shed) on Main Street*. Please note: Visitors who choose to walk through the park will walk a shorter route and will not have access to the whole display.
* Those who wish to walk the park, please park in the first parking lot. You will not be permitted to walk along the drive-through path.

Event Exit (right turn only)

To exit the event, turn right onto Park Ave. Left turns are prohibited.

Bus Drive-Thru Guidelines

Small buses are allowed to drive through route. Maximum vehicle size is 11’ high with a wheelbase of 12’. Passengers visiting in large buses are welcome in the walk-thru area.

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